Tuesday, June 3, 2008

feelin' the bloggy love

Tuesday's photo goes out to Emily Murphy for her helpful suggestions regarding feathering and detail work. Thanks Emily!

One of my students is a painter. Here one of the bowls that she has decorated. Next it will be dipped in the clear glossy and then into the kiln.

I made porcelain vases today. I really enjoy handbuilding so these are fun to make. I even had the opportunity to try out all of my new stamps that I have made.

The main body of the vase, stamped and waiting to set up a bit before it is rolled and attached to the base. I use 'magic water' for my attachments. The recipe came from Dee Funk, another potter: 1 teaspoon sodium silicate to 1 cup of water. It works well.

Here are the finished vases. They will go into the damp cupboard which is quite full as they need to dry very slowly.

My shop hours have changed to reflect my classes being over and summer tourist traffic beginning. I am open 12 - 5 everyday except Wednesday and Sunday. A body has got to rest and lounge about in the sunshine with her girls once in a while...or twice a week.


michele d. said...

I see a rolling pin in the pic. I thought you would have a slab roller. The vases look very nice. I made something very similar to that but mine is now a lamp.

Do you only work in porcelain?

Cheryl Alena Bartram said...

Hi Michele,

I go back and forth on the slab roller idea. I have used one when I was doing my apprenticeship and I liked it. However, I also like working smaller and I enjoy my rolling pin. My current studio and gallery is very small and I am not willing to give up any space to a slab roller. Maybe one day...
I work in stoneware and porcelain. I use Laguna Frost, Plainsman P300, M340, M370, M390. I like the Frost for handbuilding.