Tuesday, June 10, 2008

road trip

Hmmm, where could I be driving to? I would love to tell you that I was driving to Paris to see the French Open but you know I live in Canada so that is impossible. Almost as good though, I went to Rossland to watch the French Open with my friend and to visit her adorable town.

She has left Golden for the greener pastures of Rossland B.C. and is busy selling homes. Beautiful, old homes. I had major home envy when I wandered around. Of course I am trying to get away from wintery weather places and eventually head to the Coast, so purchasing in Rossland makes no sense for me. Not that I didn't have about a million little fantasies about how I would fix up my little heritage gem should I be so lucky.

She herself has created a lovely little nest in her new but very old home. I swooned over the high ceilings, kitchen cupboards and stove.

We went on many walks and were joined by some very enthusiastic stick chasers. Sorry Rookie, but I don't think I can throw that for you...

This is the view of Rossland from the top of one of the local hikes. It is a very friendly and picturesque little town. Perhaps they need a local potter...

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