Monday, June 30, 2008

too hot to do anything

I AM NOT COMPLAINING! It actually isn't too hot until around 3:30 when my studio focuses the sunlight and becomes a bit of an oven. So prior to the crazy heat time I did get a lot done. My favorite task is always unloading a kiln after a glaze firing. I was very happy with everything that came out of my kiln today. The bowls (above and below) are exactly what I was hoping they would be.

The matte turquoise runs beautifully. I also had some in and out of town customers to chat with while I was throwing tumblers. I have to do some more work on them tomorrow and then you will get a photograph.

My lovely friend Lori brought me some flowers from her garden so I am sending on the pictures to brighten your day.

A view of the studio through the wildflowers.

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WildMagnolia said...

"The matte turquoise runs beautifully."


Great shaped bowls, too.

michele d.