Tuesday, June 10, 2008

i got it! (and i need your help)

Oh happy day. I was a successful applicant for a project grant from the CKCA. It is a small grant, but I am not one to look a grant horse in the mouth. I have been lucky with grants in my short career. This is the third that I have received. I applied for the VADA grant last year and was very disappointed when I did not get it (it was a BIG one). I had high hopes for my application this year but sadly the main organization is having funding issues itself and the granting process has been put on hold.

So onward to discuss my successful grant and the project for which is was granted:
The title is Woman as Vessel - form and function
Those who know me, know that my shows explore gender issues, body image, advertising and the effect that media has on our view of ourselves. The brief summary provided to the granting body was: 30 to 40 ceramic vessels exploring the theme of woman as a vessel or a metaphor for a vessel, both positive and negative associations.
My intention is to create of body of functional work that explores this theme using image and text.

So here is the part where you come in. For my last two shows I have requested that people become involved in the project by sending me their thoughts and related articles and images that they come across or may have been holding onto. I take it all and in various ways it becomes part of the project. This can take many forms. For the first project "Written on the Body" I had over 100 woman answer a survey for me regarding their experiences and thoughts about media and body image. These were distilled into text that covered the bodies of 18 different sculptural pieces. For my most recent show "We've Come a Long Way Baby?", people sent in images and thoughts about how advertising has and hasn't changed regarding women's roles in society.

So my request to you? Please think about how you feel about the theme of woman as vessel. Please leave a comment or email me with "Woman as Vessel" in the subject line. I would like your thoughts, comments, images and text. I know I have come across this idea on an almost daily basis. Now I just need to collect all the instances and explore.


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