Monday, July 7, 2008

13 years old

Yes, this child turned 13 on the day this photo was taken. She is going to be an actress when she grow up. This is her impersonation of a viscious teenage mutant ninja turtle. We LOVE Value Village.

This child turned 13 as well. She is portraying a much sweeter and less viscious princess. She will grow up to do whatever the hell she wants because she has that kind of drive.

This is my friend and I coping with the day in the big city at the mall by finding the nicest lounge and drinking. *note - we only had one drink and did spend the day wandering the mall with the girls - the drink was purely medicinal.

4 teenage girls + huge mall + money = 4 very manic and happy teenage girls.

Here they go, loaded down, not tired and on to the next shop.


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