Thursday, July 10, 2008

messy, but lookin' good

Farmer's Market #2 yesterday. Entertainment was provided by the High Country Spinners. We had the chance to try out the spinning wheels and the drop spindles. I felt just like Briar Rose.

The down times find me reading as I can't just stare at people as they walk past the booth, I feel like a combination of a peeping tom and a zoo exhibit. This book is fantastic.

Proud of the alpaca yarn that she has created. We had a good time fantasizing about the alpacas we would raise and how we could all spin yarn and learn to knit. Lasted for about an hour before I was reminded that I don't really like the country (to live in) and am high tailing it for the city at the first opportunity. Kids and their clear sightedness.

I had an apron epiphany on Tuesday. I am a VERY MESSY potter. I am also concerned that I look good in the studio. This is also my gallery and I see a lot of people each week. These people come to the gallery because they want a little bit of the art and artist in action. Me in action is very messy and wreaks havoc on my nice clothing. I had been using this normal apron and found that it worked fine except for the entire lower half of my body which was always covered in clay. I snipped it up the middle so that it will separate and cover each of my legs as I sit at the wheel. It works really well and I didn't have to buy an expensive pottery version. If you are a messy potter who likes to wear nice clothing to work, I suggest you snip your apron.

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Patricia Griffin said...

Great idea on the apron. My gallery is part of my studio, too. If it's a throwing day or a glazing day (well, OK, make that any day) I end up covered in stuff. My sister made me some aprons but they're too cool to get dirty. So... one way or another, I end up like the Snoopy character, Pig Pen, able to "raise a cloud of dust in a rain storm."... Hope the Farmers Market was a success for you!