Thursday, July 3, 2008

1st Farmer's Market of the year

Yesterday was supposed to be cloudy and rainy with thunderstorms in the afternoon. It was sunny and humid and about 34 degrees. I didn't have a tent. We were very warm and I am a tad sunburned. I will have a tent next week.

Here is my display with one of my helpers hiding in the shade and doodling new ideas for glazing. It was a busy market, we had fun.

The entertainment was provided by two gentlement from Invermere. One brought a portable forge and created things out of horseshoes and railroad spikes, the other brought a treadle lathe and made spindles. It was very cool. I think we have some spinning and weaving being demonstrated next week.

My favorite sign from the market.

My other helper, hot and a little bored...

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