Tuesday, July 8, 2008

the wedding is coming, the wedding is coming

My theory is that by the time you are heading to your third wedding and by that I mean MY third wedding, I should be pretty relaxed. I mean honestly, I have to have it all figured out by now right? The wedding is small and intimate with only immediate family. The children are the wedding party and they are excited. I should be the relaxed, cynical bride. Anyone who knows me knows that I can't do relaxed although oddly I vacilate between cynicism and pollyanna-ness. I feel relaxed so far. I spend the day making porcelain heart pendants with everyone's name on them to use as placecards at the wedding dinner.

I also made a lot of porcelain leaf tea lights. I have a vision of us eating dinner outside overlooking the ocean at tables covered with beautiful candles. Hopefully the weather will accomodate me.

On a completely different note, here are my new folding, collapsable tables. I have now used them in one farmer's market and can tell you all that they are great! My mom picked them up for me at Rona or maybe it was Canadian Tire. Actually, I just realized that I haven't paid her for them yet. Sorry Mom! They were a great deal, they are easy to assemble, fit into my mini-van and did not break the bank.


Michael Kline said...

Congratulations, I'm sure it will be a wonderful time for all. Best wishes.

Patricia Griffin said...

I think your heart pendants are dear. The kids will love them! And I can soooo relate to that contradiction of cynicism and pollyanna. I try to aim for the middle of that teeter-totter, but it's a true balancing act!... Best wishes to you on your wedding. How exciting!

WildMagnolia said...

I heart your hearts.