Saturday, July 12, 2008

simply sean and the CBC keep me going

Glazed pots waiting to be put in the kiln. I am trying a new dandelion yellow as well as a bit of freehand drawing on the sides.

My favorite style of drawing is sort of a modified blind contour. I use a fine tip black pen and draw the essential lines of an object, not removing my pen from the paper and only looking every once in a while to ensure that I am not totally off track. I tried a bit of this on some of these pieces and if they don't totally suck you will see photos of them on Monday.

Water and margarita jugs.

Sean Cullen of CBC radio's simply sean. He is a very, very, very funny man, he makes my Saturday all summer long.

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WildMagnolia said...

Girl, you are so productive. You're my idol. Can't wait to see the "after-fire". Ooh, I like that word.

michele d.