Friday, July 18, 2008

greenware as far as the eye can see

Medium bowls waiting to be trimmed. I have been in my studio throwing pretty constantly. I feel like I need to make a lot because September will be here before I know it. That means classes starting and craft faires coming. I am doing two Christmas gift faires this year as well as my regular studio open house. I need a lot more work than I currently have. I also have a new show that I would like to be working on. It will all happen when it happens.

Freshly thrown coffee mugs waiting for handles (they will have to wait until tomorrow).

Different trimmed bowls drying on the shelves.

A very full damp cupboard also drying. I have all surfaces covered with green pots in various stages. Well, not entirely covered. I have room for about 16 more tiles on my table. I think I will go and throw some tumblers and fill up that wasted space...

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Patricia Griffin said...

Wow, so pretty how the green pots are all lined up. You are an inspiration! I can see how your bat-tile system is incredibly space efficient too. I really need to convert to something like that!