Thursday, July 31, 2008

farmers market

Ominous skies to start. We had a brief but powerful downpour to start us off and then although it was chilly and windy, the rain stayed away.

John Jenkins entertained us. It was beautiful.

He has a CD for sale, you can order it from his website.

I sold a lot of the new mugs. I took a lot of orders for custom mugs. I am very pleased that all of my new work is being so well received. I really enjoy making it. Text and clay go very well together.

Thin, thin, thin, turquoise bowls. I need to find a way for this glaze to run less, any ideas?


anonymous julie said...
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Julie said...

Maybe feather the glaze thickness down with a sponge. Or apply a little thinner on the outside. Or enjoy it... they look nice and the glaze is staying on the side of the pot!

I don't know what cone you're firing to, but obviously you could take out a little flux or add a little clay to slow it down...

WildMagnolia said...

Cheryl, I actually like the way it runs. I've been a little under the weather lately but I still would love that glaze recipe. :)

Email me:

michele d.

Cheryl Alena Bartram said...

Michele, when I am back from holidays I will send you the recipe. It REALLY runs, so be cautious. I have had to do a lot of chipping of kiln shelves. Make sure you put it on REALLY thin.