Friday, July 11, 2008

stamps and a bad memory

A load of bisque waiting to be glazed. I really enjoy glazing. I use small post-it notes to plan out all of the different patterns and glazes I will use. Otherwise Iend up with a whole lot of the same thing or I just forget what my original intentions were. Of course my favorite time is when I get to open the kiln after a glaze firing.

Here are some new mugs stamped with my new alphabet stamps. I love working with leather hard clay. I come up with great ideas (or so it seems to me) for words and expressions to put on my pots and then I forget to write them down. When it comes time to stamp the pots I am always scrambling about trying to remember what my ideas were. Seems I have some memory problems, perhaps I should start writing things down...

These mugs are finished with my homemade stamps. I like them so far.

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Julie said...

Hey Cheryl, I do the same thing all the time. How else will I remember? The other thing I occasionally do is just write my decision on there with a pencil... but most of the time I'll change my mind a couple of times, so it's easier to move bits of paper around. I look forward to seeing these finished!