Tuesday, July 22, 2008

back to work

Greenware trying desperately to please me by becoming dry enough for me to fire. I am running out of time to get this all finished. I am back in the studio today, loading the kiln, making vases and throwing some more water jugs. Tomorrow is the Farmer's Market and then on Thursday I am off to the Calgary Folk Music Festival.

Look look, I'm real! I started the process to get these signs in March. They have just been put up and I am thrilled. One on either side of the street on the same block as my studio. You can see the arrow is pointing directly at my very yellow house. Yay!


Jerry said...

Those signs are awesome! Congrats on getting them put up. I hope that there are soon stampedes to your door.

Patricia Griffin said...

Those signs are bumpin'! Also your new hair-do!

curiousmatthew said...

Huh, I never even noticed those signs... and far be it for any small detail to escape my notice!