Thursday, July 10, 2008

feeling good (and noticed)

A lovely surprise today. I was reading my morning blogs which I greatly look forward to, coffee in hand. My first stop, Derfwad Manor, is being hosted by many other fabulous bloggers while the wonderful Mrs. G is away on vacation. Some very, very wise and funny woman are helping out and I have now added a slew of new blogs to my morning read. I am going to have to get up an hour earlier just so that I have time to read them all. Trust me, it is worth it. And to top it all off, Mrs. G. (or a guest blogger???) has put my blog and a photo of some of my work up on the sidebar with the heading 'check out this crafty derf'. I LOVE being a derf. I have already let my future husband know that my retirement plans include the Women's Colony. He can come and visit.

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gary rith said...

Hey, thanks for the visit to pottersblog! And look at all the fine things you make....and you'll be married soon?
I am glad you include all the nonsense of your life, a blog would be quite boring if only just about pots!
Now I shall look around a bit here...